After Cotto vs Margarito 2

Miguel Cotto beat Antonio Margarito rather easily in New York this past week. And now he is reveling in the limelight after taking the revenge from the man who beat him badly three years ago. It is a long time since then, and Cotto seems to have improved substantially since the defeat.

But to say that Miguel Cotto won a one-sided match – as many people are trying to make it look – is an utter nonsense. Margarito, despite having only one eye and that too almost completely shut following numerous punches on it, was ready for a couple of more rounds and said after the fight that he was coming back in the fight in a big way.

Being in the fight and actually winning it are two different things. Cotto was on top of Margarito since the very beginning of the fight, but Margarito was defending himself well throughout the nine rounds and was trying to actually attack Cotto.

But after the fight Cotto has become so much excited that he has started claiming that as he beat Margarito, he is ready to beat the best pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao. He has demanded a rematch against Manny saying that he is best suited to beat Filipino among his contemporaries.

To be true this is a fight that may sell well in the absence of Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr’s much awaited fight that has not materialized so far.

After beating Margarito the first statement he made was about his opponent about whom he said that he was worth nothing and then claimed that he was ready to beat Manny Pacquiao saying, “I have no doubt about it [that I would beat Pacquiao in a rematch],” Cotto said. “With the right encouragement and with the people that are now in my team, we have no doubt [about] that”.

Both the statements seem from a man who was over excited. Calling an opponent worthless while he was still standing and fighting with him when the fight was called off seems to be coming from someone who was out of his senses.